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Built a small speaker cabinet yesterday, for a little nicer testing of my synths. Not sure if it sounds any good, didn’t do any calculations on it, and the speaker was one I had lying around somewhere.

Might still add a speaker grill to it, with a nice custom logo up front.

Design files are up on YouMagine, if you want to build one, too.

Last night, I put a prototype of the Auduino Synth onto perfboard, and into a case I made the day before at the FabLab.

I used an Arduino Pro Mini, because it’s much smaller than the Uno oder Duemillanove (Leonardo won’t work with the Auduino Firmware), but due to the weird placement of the analog inputs 4 and 5, I had to put one of the potentiometers on A6. No big deal, justĀ  something to worry about.

There’s 5 3.5mm jacks in the back, for CV inputs. They are connected with all 5 potentiometers, and will disconnect them when you insert a plug there. They take 0-5V, and I was planning to add Zener diodes for over-voltage protection, but forgot about it when putting this together.

On the right, there’s the audio output. It outputs a mono signal, but I was planning on adding a jumper so you can at least get a stereo signal, if you want to. There’s a filter connected between the PWM output of the Arduino, and the jack, to clean up the signal, and bring the amplitude down to line-level.

For the case, I used some lasercut 3mm MDF on the back and the front, as well as 2mm acrylic for the front, to make the dials sit flush, and let the whole thing look a little nicer.

I didn’t add a power jack yer, because I didn’t have any. So for now, it gets powered via the FTDI connector of the Arduino. Need do fix that.

Other planned additions: A switch to switch between the default pentatonic scale, chromatic scale, and no scale at all. Also might add some sort of gate functionality on the synth for my yet-to-be-build sequencer.

Making random stuff with a laser cutter. Today: a moose.

Little adapter boxes for the CNC mill. They still seem a little irritated.

Prototype of a bike handlebar mount for my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy W). Lasercut from MDF (Wood), designed in LibreCAD.

Jewelry holder from Thingiverse, as a present.

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