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I should make more art. Seriously.
Image from flaviflavii

I should make more art. Seriously.

Image from flaviflavii


Munich has graffiti (part 2)

location: Kultfabrik on Friedenstraße, Munich near Ostbahnhof.


Munich has graffiti (part 1) - 

Graffiti is not something that you can easily find in city like Munich. For those who has never been here, despite its laid back atmosphere, the Bavarian capital is as straitlaced as you can get when it comes to ‘defacing’ public space (read: cleanliness), unlike say… Berlin. Yet, this space at Kultfabrik* has them all.

During the night, this area is full of night clubs and whatnots. Funny thing is, Kultfabrik won’t be high on the list of ‘places to go’ for your night amusement, in fact most likely you’d hear something along the line of…”Whatever you do, don’t bother going to Kultfabrik.” Now I’m not sure what that ‘advise’ meant since I’ve never been here at night. During the day, however, it’s different story. It gave me the eerie feeling of being in Vegas in daylight… it is that sad. Except that maybe Kultfabrik offered less glitter than the sin city. 

All photos were taken using iPhone fünf.

* Kultfabrik is located on Friedenstraße near Ostbanhnof. 

Ginger-Lime-Chicken with Satay Sauce

Just made some delicious satay sauce with marinated chicken for dinner. The sauce was half an onion, one clove of garlic, some ginger, probably two tablespoons of peanut butter, some cream, thai fish sauce and lime juice. The marinade for the chicken was just lime juice and some ginger. Add rice to that, and there you have it :)

The PirateJukeBox

The PirateJukeBox is a wifi controlled music player, housed in an old ghettoblaster. It takes the PirateBox idea one step further by letting people play music, add their own music, or grab what’s currently playing using a wifi access point.

I used a RaspberryPi together with a USB Wifi stick, and fitted them inside the old boombox, onto which I soldered an internal 3,5mm audio connector. On the Pi, there’s the original PirateBox software running, alongside with an MPD server, that can be controlled from any laptop or mobile device.

Currently, it still has to be powered from mains power, but I hope to make it portable in the future.

Homemade energy bars.

Based on this recipe. I made a mistake when buying the ingredients, and they didn’t quite turn out the way I hoped they would, but they’re still pretty tasty


Life Sized Tape Floor Plan

Here’s a fantastic idea for all you tiny house designers. Make a life sized floor plan of your tiny house using tape! 



Making random stuff with a laser cutter. Today: a moose.

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