tiefpunkt's log

Repotting plants for hydroponics. Lot of washing, and still didn’t get all the dirt out. Well, should be good enough.

Building a Monome clone using a Trellis board from adafruit. Works great, just don’t quite like the LEDs yet. Need to do some looking around for other LED options, or hacks to make the LEDs have a wider angle.


Moar light!

Did some work on my CNC mill on Saturday. Finally hooked up all motors to the controller board, and then made the machine draw some stuff.

Still need to add some cooling to the stepper drivers, clean up the cable work, add a case for the electronics, and so much more…

Awesome industrial lights and switches \o/

First shot a a DIY ClassD Amp. Circuit designed by Rouslan Dimitrov

After screwing up a bunch of things in the board design, I finally got it to work. Sounded pretty crappy, and the MOSFETs got somewhat hot. Well, at least one of them. Was to tired to check what was going on, but just glad I finally got this one built and in a somehow working condition.

Got my SmartCitizen Kit today. It’s basically an Arduino with Wifi and sensors for light, noise, temperature, humidity, CO and NO2. It was somewhat difficult to setup, but now it’s working and posting AirQuality data from my window ledge (currently only inside, as I don’t have a case for it yet). Check out my data over at smartcitizen.me


It doesn’t matter how little space you have, there is always space for growing!

I’d love to grow some food. Just not sure this place is up for it, with me traveling all the time.

Gnocchi, tomatoes and some pesto. All in one pan. Simple and lovely.

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